Innovative Design

I tried every disc (and I mean every. single. one.) on the market and not one of them was right.  Each of the unique design features exists because of a problem that I discovered and then designed a solution to.  

1 - Easy to Clean Rim 

Problem- Other discs on the market have a double rim that make it impossible to keep clean.   It is advertised as being a feature to make the rim stronger but I didn’t feel like it did.  All the double rim does is provide a space for menstrual fluid to build up.

Solution - I eliminated all extra nooks and crannies on the rim to make it easier to keep clean.  There is nowhere on the rim for menstrual fluid to accumulate and complicate the cleaning process.

2- Insertion Pinch Grips 

Problem - I was using a disc that had a definite front and back to it and I always had to look really carefully when reinserting to find the perfect spot to squeeze in half. One time I was emptying my disc and reinserting it in the early hours of the morning in the dark of the bathroom and I had no idea what was front, back or middle of the disc.  What a nightmare. 

Solution - I created a tactile indicator of where to put your fingers to squeeze the disc in half for insertion.

3- Soft Adaptive Bowl 

Problem- One of the discs that I used had silicone that was way too stiff..  It was difficult to insert because the bowl didn’t automatically retract when pinched in half.  On the other hand I also used a disc that the bowl portion felt and sounded like a plastic grocery bag.  Neither was a good thing.

Solution- I designed the bowl portion to be the perfect balance of thin but durable as well as have a nice soft feel and not at all plasticy (is that even a word?).  

4- Secure Removal Tab

Problem - In using other discs I was always frustrated when it came to removal due to there being no good way to catch the edge of the disc with my finger.  I felt that during the process of hooking the rim with my finger I pushed up the bowl portion and made a bigger mess than necessary.  Sometimes I even had to use two fingers to pinch to get it out - not ideal.

Solution - I created a space between the rim and the bowl for your finger to hook on to.  It is now so easy to just put one finger in to remove the disc. 

Two Sizes - 

Problem - Each of the discs I used I struggled to get it to stay put.  It just didn’t want to stay tucked behind my pubic bone.  I realized that almost all of the discs available for purchase come in one size.  My research indicated that some menstruators loved the standard size but a lot of them had problems.  It was a size issue - Menstrutors don’t come in one size!

Solution - I designed two sizes of discs.  Simple solution.  I personally really like the small but I know others who love the large.