How do I insert the disc?

With your free hand, carefully spread your labia. Insert the pinched disc into your vagina and aim it towards your tailbone. (You can also apply water based lubricant to the menstrual disc or vaginal opening for additional comfort and aid during insertion.) When you can no longer pinch the menstrual disc, continue to push the disc with your finger by gliding it back and down past your cervix and towards your tailbone. Continue to insert it for as long as it will go comfortably. With your finger, tuck the front rim of the menstrual disc up and behind your pubic bone. The final placement of the menstrual disc will be at a slight diagonal angle. It should sit directly below your cervix and will catch your menstrual fluid.

How do I remove the disc?

Hook your index or middle finger underneath the removal tab. Pull straight out towards you and keep it level to avoid spillage. If you are having trouble removing the menstrual disc, try bearing down and pushing downward with your pelvic floor muscles. The contraction of the muscles and the position itself should help untuck the menstrual disc from the pubic bone and make removal easier. In addition, try a different position than the one you are using. Empty the menstrual disc by discarding the menstrual fluid into the toilet.

How long can I leave it in?

You can wear a menstrual disc for up to 12 hours.  It really depends on how heavy your flow is.  On heavy days, you may need to remove, empty and reinsert the disc more often. It is great to use for overnight protection, but make sure to always remove your menstrual disc by the 12-hour mark.

What are the dimensions of each size of disc?

Small disc -

35 ml capacity
62 mm front to back
59 mm side to side
37 mm height

Large disc

55 ml capacity
71 mm front to back
68 mm side to side
42 mm height

What fold do you recommend for insertion?

The great thing about menstrual discs is there are no tricky folds to master. Simply place your thumb and forefinger on the pinch grips and squeeze. That’s it!

How do I know if I have inserted the disc correctly?

You shouldn’t be able to feel it. Most of the vaginal nerve endings are near the entrance of the vagina canal. If the disc is placed properly in the vaginal fornix, there are not many nerve endings there to feel it. If you find you are leaking, check your placement again. 

The disc looks huge! Will it really fit?

Trust us: we know it looks really big at first glance. Squeeze it in half using the pinch grips and you’ll see that it is roughly the size of a tampon. With it pinched in half, it isn’t so intimidating.

Can it get lost?

No. The vaginal canal leads directly to the cervix, so it's impossible for the cup to pass through your cervix and into the uterus, hence why it can never get lost inside you.  

Are there any limits to what I can do while wearing a menstrual disc?

No! You can exercise, swim, sleep, have sex, run, go to work, lounge on your couch--whatever you want.  It gives you freedom to live your best life.  

 Is it true that I can have mess free period sex with it in?

Yes! Menstrual discs sit right under your cervix in the vaginal fornix and don’t take up any space in the vaginal canal. That leaves plenty of room for penetration.   

Will my partner feel the disc while having sex?  

The vaginal canal expands and lengthens as part of the arousal process.  Because the vagina expands by lengthening and widening the shape, it’s unlikely that your partner will feel the disc when it’s inserted correctly. 

How is the disc great for a heavy flow and also great for a light flow? 

Have you ever used a super tampon on your lightest day?  It is a terrible experience! This is because tampons absorb your flow. Menstrual discs collect your flow rather than absorbing it.  Because of this, regardless of the amount of flow, the disc is great.  It will be comfortable no matter how heavy or light your flow is on a given day.

Can discs be used with an IUD?

Menstrual discs pose less of a risk for use with an IUD as they do not use any suction to stay in.  However, we highly recommend that you consult your doctor about the risk of using a menstrual disc while having an IUD. Moonthlies is not liable for any and all problems relating to an IUD while using a menstrual disc.

Can I get TSS (toxic shock syndrome) from using it?

TSS is a serious, but rare, condition that can be caused by using vaginally worn menstrual and contraceptive devices. It is highly unlikely that you will get TSS from a menstrual disc. As long as you remove and reinsert it every twelve hours, you should be safe and risk-free. 

Does the disc leak?

When inserted properly, the disc should not leak. If you are experiencing leaking, we recommend taking the disc out and reinserting it again. Double check that the disc is tucked behind the pubic bone.

Why should I find my cervix before using the disc for the first time?  

Menstrual discs sit in the vaginal fornix (located right under the cervix) instead of in the vaginal canal. It can be helpful to discover if you have a high, medium, or low cervix as it will give you an idea of how far to insert the disc and where to place it before you start.

 How do I find my cervix?

Wash your hands very thoroughly, including underneath your fingernails. With your palm facing up, guide your longest finger carefully into your vagina (lubrication can be helpful in this process). You should feel  a round circle with a dimple in the center.  Once you have found your cervix, you can get an idea of cervical height based on how far your finger goes in. 

How do I handle it in a public restroom?

Wash hands before heading into the stall. Take a wet paper towel into the stall with you for wiping off your disc and your hands. With clean hands, remove the disc. Empty the disc in the toilet. From here, you have a few options: you can use a water bottle or the wet paper towel you brought with you into the stall with you, or you can use clean toilet paper to clean off your disc. Once your disc has been cleaned off, you can reinsert it.  

I have heard horror stories about problems with suction and the challenges it causes during removal with a menstrual cup. Does the same thing happen with menstrual discs?

It does not! Suction is not used to keep a menstrual disc in place. Your anatomy does all the work for you. Thanks to your strong vaginal walls and your pubic bone, the disc stays tucked into the vaginal fornix until you want to remove it with absolutely no suction to worry about!

 Will I see blood?

Yes, you will. When using a menstrual disc, you will see the actual blood and just how much or little of it there actually is. It’s really no different than using a tampon or pad. The only difference is that you see your menstrual blood in its pure form instead of seeing your blood soaking a wad of cotton that you throw into the trash.  We feel that seeing the liquid menstrual fluid can help you learn more about your body and appreciate how amazing it is.

How do I clean the disc?

Rinse it for sixty to ninety seconds with warm water and unscented soap, and dry it well. If you are not in a place where you can wash your disc, use a dry or damp paper towel or toilet paper. Wash it as soon as you can.

 How often do I need to sterilize the disc?

You need to sterilize your disc by boiling it before you use it for the first time in order to kill any sort of bacteria that may be on it. After the initial boil, how often you sterilize your disc is up to you.

How do I know if the disc is full?

If you are experiencing leaking and you have had the disc in for a few hours, chances are that it’s full and needs to be removed, cleaned, and reinserted.  Remember to never leave it in for longer than 12 hours, regardless of if you think it’s full or not.

How long does the disc last? 

It will last up to five years.  You should inspect it regularly for signs of deterioration, which includes a sticky or powdery film, strong odor, holes, or tears. If you discover any of these signs, we recommend that you replace your disc with a new one.   

How do I remove the disc without making a mess? Or is removal a messy process?

From our experience, we have found that the first few times removing the disc can be a little messy. However, with a little experience, it is very simple with minimal mess.  Just remember to remove it while sitting on the toilet or in the shower. When removing, try to keep it level with the floor to avoid spillage.

 Can a teen use it?

Absolutely! Menstrual discs are perfect for teens, especially if you’re active and don’t want to be bothered with changing your tampon or pad constantly.  

What is the MOONTHLIES menstrual disc made out of? Is it latex free and hypoallergenic?

Our discs are made from 100% medical grade silicone that is both latex free and hypoallergenic.  It is possible that latex gloves have been used while handling the disc as part of the manufacturing process, but as for the actual contents of the disc, there is none.

I am trying to remove my disc and I can’t seem to find it.  What happened to it?  

Don’t worry! The cup is not lost; it is just sitting high and is temporarily out of reach.  The best thing to do is to bear down like you’re having a bowel movement.  That should help the disc to sit lower in the vaginal canal, making it easier to reach. If that didn’t work, take a breath. Relax. Give it an hour and try again.

Why does blood come out when I use the toilet?

When you urinate or have a bowel movement, your pelvic muscles contract and can cause the menstrual disc to untuck from behind your pubic bone. This will cause some flow/ fluid to leak into the vaginal canal and you may notice it when you wipe. Don’t stress!  Use a clean finger and re-tuck it behind your pubic bone. You’ll be good to go.

Is the disc a contraceptive?

No. Menstrual discs are not contraceptives nor do they protect against STDs.  

 My disc is slightly stained. Is that normal?

Stains are an unavoidable side effect of using a menstrual disc. A stained disc does not need to be replaced.

 What is the difference between a menstrual cup and a menstrual disc?

Cups sit in the vaginal canal while a disc sits further up in the vaginal fornix right under the cervix. Cups stay in place using suction against the walls of the vaginal canal. Discs, however, stay in place thanks to strong vaginal muscles and being tucked behind the pubic bone.  Cups traditionally have a stem that sits in the opening of the vaginal canal whereas a disc does not have any portion that sits near the opening of the vaginal canal, making them more comfortable. 

What makes Moonthlies menstrual disc different from the other discs for sale?

Ours have been thoughtfully designed with features to make it the easiest menstrual disc to insert, remove and clean. We have a secure removal tab, insertion pinch grips, a soft adaptive bowl and an easy to clean rim. We also recognize that everyone's anatomy is a little different and sell then in a set with both sizes included for one low price.  

 Why should I buy a set of two sizes? Which one will fit me?

Our experience is that menstrual discs are not really one size fits all because every person’s anatomy is different, which is why we sell them in sets of two sizes. Throughout your cycle, the height of your cervix can change from high to low to anywhere in between. Cervix height impacts the fit of a menstrual disc. By buying a set of two sizes, you can feel confident that one of the two sizes will fit at any point during your cycle. It’s difficult to know which size will fit you best until you try them both.  

Where are MOONTHLIES menstrual disc made? 

MOONTHLIES discs are made in Xi’an, China, in an FDA registered facility that is held to the same manufacturing standards as any manufacturer in the United States.

Are MOONTHLIES Menstrual Discs registered with the FDA?

Yes. Our discs are registered with the FDA.  The factory they are produced in is also registered as an FDA approved manufacturer.  We hunted high and low for the perfect partner to produce the safest disc possible at the best price possible.  

Why should I buy more than one set? 

If you have more than one disc, you can leave one in your bag, car, bathroom or wherever else you might be when your period arrives. It can also be convenient to have a spare. If you remove one, you can use your spare clean disc for immediate insertion. The dirty disc can then be washed and reinserted when it’s time to change your disc. Having multiple sets will make for a smoother cycle.